Post Mother’s Day Reflection

Mom 2

Starting this blog shortly after Mother’s Day is bitter sweet as I have learned many of the ideas that embody a fulfilling and balanced life from my late mother. I hope she is in heaven smiling as I write and as you read this post. One of the aspects of my life that helps me on my path to a resonant lifestyle is my role as a mother. Everyday my son challenges me while giving me a purpose. We learn from each other as my mom and I did, as I am sure you do from yours. She taught me an appreciation for life that helps me through harrowing times, and it is my goal to do the same for my readers. Are you ready to go on this journey toward leading a Resonant Lifestyle?  If so, stick around.

On Mother’s Day, like countless others, I recount memories of my mother that I hold dear. One of my favorites was our Women’s Day celebration. On this day we celebrated and openly discussed anything and everything I was curious about. We would ditch school and work and walk around Manhattan, window shopping or stopping in on one of the City’s many museums. This was so special to me because my mother, as long as I can remember, worked two jobs. And despite her schedule she always made time for me. That day as I asked questions about her childhood, boys, and life in general I got to see the “women” and not just the “mom”. She knew how to create and maintain a balance, and I carry that with me as I work to juggle all of my roles and those I hope to take on.

Mom and I

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