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My journey like many others is to achieve and maintain a full life. Finding a balance between work, family, and joining in activities I am passionate about has been my primary goal. The way we think plays a big role in achieving the ultimate goal of “having it all”. Building that idea led me to achieving a Bachelors and Masters in the Science of Psychology. Excited to share what I have learned and knowledge of those I look up to I decided to start this blog. I hope sharing my stories will help others and build a community of ResoLifers.


The term resonant refers to a continuous deep and clear sound, and it also can mean full-bodied and vibrant. Like listening to your favorite singer as they hit an unimaginable note that you feel in your core. Or the vibration you feel from the base of a speaker. A Resonant Life gives you those same feelings as you find your balance between work, social interactions, and the things you are most passionate about.

Every week I will address a different life topic from my experiences with child rearing to dealing with life’s little and big changes. In addition to weekly posts (or maybe more) you will see links to some of my other projects available for purchase. This includes my self-published (fiction) work.Interested in taking this journey with me? Then subscribe to receive my posts straight to your emails and follow me on Instagram (@reso_life) & Pinterest (@Resonant Lifestyle).

This blog is the story of my journey, and by agreeing to come along you will learn something new about various topics including things about yourself.

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