Go Ahead…Pat Yourself on the Back

Today’s journey will take us into the deep cavern of self-doubt and personal failure where we will discover their truth.

SPOILER ALERT…they really are NOT failures.

One of the many struggles that run within our mindsets involve dwelling on what we have yet to achieve, instead of focusing and celebrating accomplishments. I am without question guilty of this way of thinking. Recently, I acquired my masters in psychology, but found very little pride in this achievement. All I wanted was a position helping students cope with their day-to-day stress, or guiding them through the next phase of their academic career. Instead I have continued my current path as an admin in the legal field. Do not get me wrong, I work for a great firm, and an even greater group of people. but in my heart and by extension in my mind I have failed.

It took encouragement and praise from friends and family, and a lot of meditation for me to wake up and realize I had achieved a big goal. While working a full-time position and managing my family, I was able to earn an associates, bachelors, and masters in a span of five years. That most certainly is something to celebrate. Instead of focusing on having yet transitioned my career path, I am using my education to help others in a different way.

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Another suggestion I recently read about and have tried, is changing my association with setbacks and negativity. Instead of considering this delay as a reflection of my inadequacies, I see it as an experience that still has something left to teach me. I also make a list of my “failures” and write next to them what I believe I could have done differently. In most cases there is not one step taken I would have changed. Each decision brought plenty of good. And keeping with the motto, “It’s never too late,” if there are steps I could have taken, I make plans to do so as soon as possible. Decisions made today do not definitively determine tomorrow.

This journey I am taking with all of you is one way I am gravitating toward my dream of being a writer and counselor. I have the opportunity to learn from others and to share the knowledge with each of you.

Comment below on ways you are able to use these steps, any alternative methods you use, or any topics you would like us to peruse.

Have a great and resonant weekend!



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