A Moment of Silence…Action

Kelly Clarkson could not have said it better, in her introduction speech at last night’s Billboard Music Awards. The loss of young lives throughout this country in the most tragic, violent, and senseless ways must stop. Many believe harsher gun control laws and increase in security within schools are the obvious solutions. Well here is one more.

Arm our children with the tools to cope with the challenges they face. Those who are deciding to take their lives, those of their peers, and administrators partly do so because they believe it is their only option. Others are suffering from mental afflictions that are going unchecked and untreated. Organizations like the American Psychological Association are fighting back by developing and executing programs that teach students and teachers ways to effectively manage stress. Mindfulness training, for example, while in its earliest stage of understanding, can help in acknowledging a situation in the moment and not in terms of what was or what will be. Teaching the younger generation that there is more to life than what their peers think, and to consider what insecurities leads a bully to attack others, can help with improving their level of self-worth. Communication is another huge factor that must be improved. Children and the adults in their lives need to develop a commonality that establishes a degree comfort to express themselves without fear of judgement.

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A resonant mindset is about looking at your life from a bigger and fuller picture. Children need to look past the embarrassing photos, hurtful comments on social media, and various other social challenges and find the confidence to keep striving for the future. They can find solace, purpose, and strength in leading a balanced life. But this is not an easy concept to incorporate in our lives, I can wholeheartedly attest to that. It will take training and continual practice, and that tutelage must start at home and in our schools.

Resolifers, what actions do you believe society should take?


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