Happy Memorial Day

Looking past the extra day off from work, barbeques, and the opening day at the beach, I want to bring attention to the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Beginning in 1868 the United States dedicated May 30th, and eventually the last Monday in May, to men and women in the military who died fighting for our country. They fought for freedom, justice, and all that the country holds dear. Today we honor these individuals and I believe it is important to do so by taking care of those who still and who will join the ranks.

Various organizations such as Operation Gratitude put together packages to send overseas to troops. Individuals can donate their time, money, and goods to the effort, and by doing so make being away from home a little easier.

Thank you to all the men and women who made it their life mission to protect the citizens of this nation. And may all the lost souls rest in peace.

*Feature photo from McConnell Air Force Base website.

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