4 Ways to Chase Those Rainy Day Blues Away

There has been an ongoing debate on the effect weather has on our moods. Some disagree with the idea that rainy, cloudy days bring us down. However more and more studies are pointing out that it is quite the case. I myself am on the fence. Sure a bright sunny day is great for a dose of Vitamin D, but a boost of endorphins, I think not. My novice theory is that a sunshine day motivates us to go out and get moving. And that is when the good vibes flow.

Some tips to walking on sunshine on a rainy day are:

1) Go for a walk in the rain. Granted its not the hail Mary of rain storms that the East Coast got a few weeks back, step out and let those drops refresh you.

2) Workout indoors. You can still get those endorphins flowing with an at-home workout. I am a huge fan of the YouTube fitness pro and motivator Blogilates. And am currently stepping up my yoga game with some Buti Yoga.

3) Get creative. Writing, baking, crocheting, or decorating my house works great to put me in a jolly good mood.


4) Watch a comedy, or pick up a good book. Whisking away to another world or life can be a great reprieve.

Keeping busy or relaxing with a little media escape will help boost your mood as you wait for the sun to come out… tomorrow!

Fellow Resolifers, how do you think happy thoughts on a rainy day? Comment below.



  1. I must confess, I hate rainy days, they bring me down emotionally and otherwise. The melancholy sets in and it’s impossible to shake it off. So, no happy thoughts at all. Usually my thoughts are gloomy like the weather yet it is not a bad thing because I write, you know, the dark, malevolent and sinful stories of mine.

  2. Although feeling down you still find a way to let your creativity flow. Coming up with a new story idea gives me such a rewarding feeling! Great job creating constructive work out of potentially destructive thoughts and feelings.

  3. I’m one of those people who actually loves the rain. I find it soothing and relaxing. The only time it bothers me is when I have somewhere to be and have to travel in the rain. Otherwise, when I have free time, I actually like to take walks in the rain. No umbrella, just out in the open enjoying the feel of the rain. There’s something freeing about that. I also enjoy just laying in bed and listening to the sound of the rain hitting the window. Now, all this isn’t to say that I don’t see how others find it gloomy or depressing because I can actually see why it would effect some people that way. I’m just glad that my reaction to it is calming and peaceful.

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