Mindfulness: The Act of Being Present

Learning to be there for your life, for yourself, and for others can have many health benefits. Originally developed by Buddhists the practice of mindful meditation is known to improve sleep patterns, minimize anxiety, and improve focus.

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Clearing the mind can open up new possibilities. A chance for new ideas to take fruition, and rid yourself of those that leave you stagnant. Meditation is one of the most popular methods to achieving this level of mental peace. But here are some that also work for me.

1.Listening to music. From today’s hip hop to the sounds of nature, gaining control of your thoughts can be a matter of swaying to the beat. Allow yourself to get lost in a tune and you may be surprised at the outcome.

2.Keep a journal. Now this one I struggle with maintaining consistently. But when it does happen for me, I am rewarded with a sense of clarity that has helped with many situations.

3. Spend time with nature. There is nothing like going for a walk or hike that promotes a sense of calm, and connection to self. Taking in the sights and sounds in your neighborhood park can be just the ticket to inner peace.

Training and lots of it is necessary for a truly mindful lifestyle. These suggestions are just some of many ways a person can achieve this state. Fellow Resolifers, what do you do to reconnect with yourself? Comment below.

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  1. I love listening to opera and I meditate from time to time. A 2 hour makeup session on myself helps me relax as well.

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