Dear Diary: 15-Day Journaling Challenge

I am taking you back to those middle school days when Dear Diary was your true best friend, and all preteen and teenage angst were over-analyzed and dramatized. Every now and then I head up to the attic and dig for my old diaries just to reminisce about things I found so important. I scuff and snicker at how trivial these events are to me now, and tell my 12 year-old self to get a grip. These trips down memory lane not only gave me a good laugh but also made me realize I was engaging in a healthy habit. Instead of bottling up my feelings, lashing out at others or myself, I got it all out. I found a trusted and safe form of expression.

As an adult we are faced with different types of challenges and grown up drama. Adulting is hard! So I think it is time to get back to the basics of chatting with our journal on a daily basis. And like any new habit we want to take on, making a conscious effort for at least two weeks, can help make it happen.

Starting tomorrow, June 15, 2018, I ask all you resonant lifestyle enthusiasts to start writing at least once day for the next 15 days. I know this is old school, but I want everyone to pick up a notebook or journal and physically write each day. Don’t worry about grammatical errors or being neat. Just let your thoughts flow, and if you feel inspired to draw or doodle, add those in too.

On July 1st go back and look through your entries, and you will learn so much more about yourself and your mindset. Most importantly you will have let go of baggage you may not have realized existed. You might even discover a solution to a current problem. Adopt this new habit, as it is your safe place to vent, lament, rejoice, and celebrate.

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