A Search for Self-Worth

Often times we look to others and our positions in life to help define self-worth. Exploring externally for what resides within will more likely lead to disappointment. I challenge myself and fellow Resolifers to focus within for what is most important. This forage begins with asking some hard questions.

  • What do you personally find makes a person worthy?
  • Do you believe you possess these qualities? If so, why?  If not, how would you go about developing them?
  • Before setting out to work on a “worthier” you, think about what actions relate to the characteristics you deem missing. And ask yourself has there ever been an instance where you engaged in one of those behaviors? Do not be too surprised to find you already possess most if not all the attributes you labeled as describing a person’s worth.
  • Next ask yourself why you think these aspects were not immediately acknowledged? Jot down affirmations that will remind you that these qualities lie within you.
  • For those you believe to be missing, come up with at least two specific ways you will enhance these qualities.


Conduct a thorough examination on the topic while writing in your journal. Perfect writing prompt for an entry during our 15-day journal challenge.  It is easy to forget all the good we have done and all that we have achieved. Take this time to remind yourself that separate from the roles you play and the people in your life you are worthy, you are important, and you are amazing!

Fellow Resolifers, how do you define “self-worth”?

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  1. Thinking about the first question I believe someone is worthy if they strive to live by their rules despite the influence of others. I am not saying the struggle is not real. But all we can really do in life is try.

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