Inspiration from a Milestone

Yesterday as I watched my son and his peers celebrate the end of their primary school career and welcome the challenges that await them in high school, I thought what an amazing milestone. Here are a group of children who are coming into their own and are headed toward a part of their lives that will shape their future. Important moments in a person’s life continues to manifest until their passing. And even the end of a life can wake something that resides within.

Watching my son graduate made me take stock of the impact a change in life can have on behavior. Some in his position may feel fear, excitement, and an eagerness for this chapter to end. As a parent I felt pride and a lack of readiness for what comes next. A mixture of emotions on these occasions are to be expected. But it is how a person channels these feelings that makes the occasion inspirational.

Ways to utilize inspiration that coincides with a milestone include:

*Set new goals

*Research ways to take current positions in your life to a new level

*Discuss or write about where you are and where you want to go

*Celebrate where you have been and all that you have achieved

That apprehension I felt about my son’s growth motivates me to push toward achieving more milestones in my own life. As you go about preparing for the weekend, think about milestones you recently experienced and how they have inspired you?

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