The Concept of Control

The word control can emit an array of thoughts and emotions. People expel a great deal of energy trying to dominate aspects of their lives. These attempts can be exhausting and frustrating. Which is why it is important to focus on what you can control.

You can control…

(i) how you react;

(ii) how you treat others;

(iii) the tone you set each day;

(iv) the path you lead; and

(v) the morals and values you abide by.

The common variable is “you.” There’s a level of freedom that comes with accepting responsibility for yourself. At this level no one can project negativity, because you won’t allow it. So start your day with a smile and positive thoughts. Put your success out in the universe, and take measures to bring it to fruition. And do not place expectations on others and you will avoid disappointment.

Lyrics from Three Little Birds

I have taken to listening to Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy, and Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, as I walk to the office. The light-hearted and upbeat tunes help start my day in the right direction. There are aspects of my life that are not ideal, but reminding myself why they exist provides me with a sense of control. Life is not a cluster of moments passing by, because I choose to take an active role.

My fellow resolifers, in what ways do you take “control” of your emotional and behavioral reactions? Comment below.

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