Body Confidence

The trend this year (and should be every day of every year) is to promote confidence in every facet of our lives.  One of the most commonly discussed areas, is appearance. Ask anyone near you right now what are three things they would change about their body, and they will more likely name at least five. We look at others wishing to have their assets and features forgetting the importance of the way we were born.

Our appearance is a reflection of our ancestors and our culture. That unto itself possesses a degree of beauty. We have the privilege of passing our family’s characteristics on to future generations, and we can develop a sense of pride in this gift. That’s right, the way you look is a gift. Too many try to alter their appearance for reasons that do not ensure confidence. The healthiest reasons to workout and eat well include to feel good, and to live a full and long life. Changes that stem from a lack of personal acceptance, jealousy, or misguided views will only end in disappointment.

I continue to work at establishing comfort in my own appearance. In fact, I find accepting compliments extremely uncomfortable, although I am always delving them out.  After listening to various discussions on the topic, I think people tend to find attributes they do not possess most attractive.  In many situations I have noticed this to be true within myself.

Changing a mindset is extremely challenging, but with making yourself priority, having patience, and continuous practice you can make it happen. Some techniques I have found that help me get on the right track to body confidence include…

(i) Start your day with a compliment to yourself.

(ii) Everyone has at least one part of their appearance that they love, keep that area in mind when thoughts start to go south.

(iii) Familiarize yourself with your body type and look for styles that accentuate the areas you find most attractive.

(iv) If you are aware that you compare yourselves to others, only allow yourself 3 comparisons a day. Then cut that down until you work your way to not comparing yourself to others at all.

(v) Judge an outfit on how you feel in it before considering how you look. If you are confident, comfortable, and content with what you are wearing, then thoughts filled with accolades with flow freely.

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Send positive vibes your way on a regular basis, and everything else will eventually fall into place. Keeping working on you…you are worth it!

Fellow Resolifers what ways do you promote body confidence within yourselves? Comment below, and follow me on Instagram @reso_life, Twitter @life_reso, and Google+ at Resonant Lifestyle.

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