The Pros & Cons of a Staycation

After a week-long hiatus from work, blogging, and socializing, I learned that vacations spent at home have both benefits and drawbacks to your well-being. As fantastic as it was to be home and forcing myself to schedule some personal time, I have further affirmed that I hate to be home. So much so, that by day 3 I became physically sick. As I prepare to renter the real world, I am doing so filled up with antibiotics and cough drops. Many may be wondering how being home majority of the day I managed to get strep, pink eye, and a nasal infection, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!? Well its apparently very possible, which brings me to the drawbacks of a staycation.

Besides coping with being sick I battled procrastination. One of my personal goals for this week was to jump ahead with my blogging; however, here I am late Sunday night writing away for tomorrow. I decided not to judge myself or to be too hard. This behavior helps to remind me of the importance of this journey, and that is to keep working toward self-improvement. I know where I want to be and that I am worth the effort. Chant those words when self-doubt sneaks into the forefront of your mind. I am worth the effort.

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But not all was down, and Kleenex filled.

A reprieve from the office gave me an opportunity to re-energize and prepare to return with a new sense of focus. The key to this renewal involves rest and reflection. Now resting is not a verb that is commonly used when describing my activities, so this week I made a conscious effort to carve out time. I worked out at least 45 minutes each day, I went for a walk outside, and I ended the night with a guided meditation. Now this is not the ideal “me” time for everyone so some other ideas to consider are…

  1. Walk around your neighborhood and one that is unfamiliar. This exploration can lead to making new friends and finding out more about where you live. A deeper connection with your surroundings promotes a level of comfort that is often found with familiarity.
  2. Check out your local paper and town social media pages for events going on during your break. Just like every day it’s a National Something Day, every season is filled with activities scheduled that bring together a community or spread the word on town businesses.
  3. Grab the latest best seller and head to the nearest beach, lake, or park. Traveling to another world, or into someone else’s life can be relaxing, entertaining, or down right insightful.
  4. Change the furniture around in at least one room in your house. Besides a heavy-duty cleaning job, nothing gives me a sense of renewal than shaking things up at home. This week I focused on the bedrooms.

So fellow resolifers, any experience with a staycation? Comment below with the good the bad and the memorable.

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