3 Habits of Happy People

People who appear to have it all together and who are consistently joyous are said to have set practices that evolve happiness from more than just a feeling. Happiness for these individuals is a way of life. I aspire to be among this population but for now turning my frown upside down is still a challenge. Mindfulness training, which I stress in every other post, has been a helpful tool. The idea of focusing on the moment leaves less of an opportunity for the stress of the past, and the concerns of the future to interfere with the present. I also continue to read and listen to the people who have not only mastered these habits but have made them their own.

What are these miraculous customs?

First, is to let go of the idea that acquiring specific things or achieving certain goals will ensure your happiness. This mindset sets the stage for disappointment and sadness. What happens if you don’t get everything on your list, of if they do not occur in the way you want them to? Well for starters it can diminish the excitement and cause them to lose their luster. Work on appreciating the here and now, and everything else will fall into place.

Second, is to gain control of emotions. When negative feelings such as anger, jealous, resentment, and fear creep in, immediately look for the silver lining. Turn anger into forgiveness, jealousy into happiness for others, resentment into personal contentment, and fear into motivation. This is made possible by determining the factors contributing to their onset.

Third, embrace change without fear and hesitation. This one is a huge challenge for me as I find it extremely difficult to immediately accept major changes. The idea is to welcome the growth and possibilities a new door provides. A transition period can force reflection, which may welcome self-doubt. Slam those thoughts and find peace of mind in each one of life’s stepping stones, and in the end there will be a higher level of contentment in all that you achieve.


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