Habits of Successful People: 15-day Challenge

As we say goodbye to August and hello to the scent of pumpkin spice, many begin to take stock of the year. With only four months left the need for change is at its highest. I for one spend the last half of each year going over goals and what I did (or didn’t) do to make them happen. For motivation I am always reading the stories told by those who have realized and fulfilled there dreams. Throughout each there is always a trend of habits these individuals adopted and confirmed have contributed to their success. For the first 15 days of this month we will introduce a new habit into our lives, and work toward making them permanent staples. The key here is to not only perform the action that day but to make them a new norm.

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Starting tomorrow, September 1st until Saturday, September 15th I will post a habit forming prompt on my social media pages. To ensure you don’t miss a day, follow me on Instagram @reso_life, Twitter @life_reso, and Google+ @ResoLife

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