15-day Habits of Successful People Challenge (Day 2)

This one is difficult not only because of my busy schedule but also because of feelings of guilt. But like any habit practice will get you to your level of perfection. So what works for me are the following…

  1. Planning out a workout schedule that is open to rearranging.  For me that means moving a morning workout to the evening or vice versa.
  2. Plan a water drinking schedule. Right now I am involved in a 30 day drink half your body weight in ounces, challenge. Thank you blogilates!
  3. Eat mindfully and with purpose. I have been working toward establishing a reason for every meal and snack. So far I have discovered I look to food for more than just sustenance, and I have the motivation to make improvements.

Resolifers, what are you doing to practice self-care.

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