Realizing what matters most!

People are said to strive for the important things in life. But what are these vital aspects of life that must be acquired? That to me is a difficult question, as people tend to look to society, their families, or their peers for the answer. The truth is what matters most depends on the individual. That means to realize these things a person has to look within. By nature I am a giving person who loves to help everyone around me. Now I do not think this is a bad quality, except when it gets in the way of what is most important to me. Most recently I had to take time to consider these things. Some questions I asked myself to arrive at the answers were asked in various situations, or at the start or ending of my day, and they included…

  1. What are the things I am most passionate about?
  2. Why am I taking this current action?
  3. What do I hope to gain from this situation?
  4. Is this person helping or hindering my life? In what ways? What changes should be made to the relationship?
  5. What is one short-term goal? What is one long-term goal? What I am doing right now to reach them?

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These questions lead me to some difficult answers. And even harder, lead me to ask myself if I am living for those reasons? I can say that the answer was 50% yes, but that left me with a lot of changes to make. For a person who is a creature of habit, this was a daunting task, but once I a small change was made, it became easier, and one day I hope it will become a habit. I will always help others where I can, but not at the expense of my health, happiness, or sense of self.

Resolifers, how do you define what matters most to you? Can you say with conviction that you are living completely for these things? If not, think about the changes you can make to improve your percentage.

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