Does Wealth Ensure Happiness?

Many tend to believe that those with money and fame are the happiest people on the planet, but the reality is that it is not quite true. News reports and online editorials will provide a pretty accurate (although exaggerated and some times assumed) details on the drama that unfolds in a public figure or business CEO’s life. The challenges faced may not be the same as those living paycheck to paycheck, but that does not take away from the fact that they have issues too.

Professionals in the social sciences are continuously studying the differences an individual’s lifestyle can have on their mental health. Recently one in particular found the difference in happiness was not in the level but in the context. People who are wealthy tend find the most joy in self-focused activities, whereas middle to low income individuals attribute pleasure to the relationships they have fostered. I thought that was an interesting discovery. I do not take that to mean those with money are self-involved, but perhaps the mental time is what fuels their success, and affords them a little more “me” time. Keeping this opinion in mind, I wondered what component can help shift the level of happiness for both sides? In one word, BALANCE!

  • To promote happiness with others, nurture relationships, and put yourself in situations that will help make new connections. Plan an hour each day to do something with your family that does not involve technology and forces everyone to talk.


  • To promote self-focused happiness, develop mindfulness skills, dedicate time yourself, engage in activities that will expand your way of thinking. My favorite develop a side hustle.

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Fellow Resolifers, what do you do to ensure the wealth in your life relates to more than just your bank accounts?

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