The Art of Zen & It’s Benefits

When I hear the term Zen I think of a lush garden with a beautiful waterfall that quietly cascades down into a stream. Although creating this type of garden would definitely promote a peaceful state of mind, leading a zen life involves much more.

The first important aspect is to serve others. Spending a good portion of your time and mindset on someone else’s needs builds an appreciation for the various facets of your life.

Decorate with natural light and colors. Arrange seating and bedding furniture anywhere sunlight will hit. Also remove any clutter and minimize the amount of furniture per room.

And here comes the word used in almost every one of my blog posts…Mindfulness! Practicing the process of remaining present in the moment and refraining from thinking in the past or future promotes a calm mind. When a negative situation arises focus on the silver lining, and lessons learned.

Schedule your day and take in every event. Slow down completing one task at a time, and leave room for any last minutes changes.

Eat and exercise for sustenance and health, and not to satiate emotional needs. Your body is your temple work on making the best choices for it.

Speak your truth. In many cases saying and doing what will make others happy is really an excuse to escape the challenge of being yourself.  You are not helping others or yourself, so remember to remain respectful and honest.

Circumstances can make some of these zen creating tasks a challenge, but with like everything else in life, it takes time and practice.

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ResoLifers what do you do to promote a zen life?

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