Speaking & Hearing The Impeccable Word

Speak the impeccable word! That was the mantra and goal of day 11, of our 15-day Habits of Successful People Challenge. It is a practice I first began working on after reading The Four Agreements eons ago. And honestly I thought I had a good handle on it. Yesterday while consciously keeping the challenge in mind, I began to question whether I truly took people and situations at face value, or if I analyzed to the point that conclusions were solely based on my perceptions? Which suggests I am far from speaking the truth, and too focused on my truth.

This notion hit me while talking to a friend about a book we are both reading. When I brought up the character descriptions and how I thought they correlated with the story’s ending, my friend looked at me like I had ten heads. The details from appearance and age to their individual development was completely different from the book. I chose identities and the clues about their personality that I found to be true. How could I miss judged an entire story cast? My friend teased I must have an attention span that is diminishing, but I immediately wondered if this is something I do all the time.

Here’s another example…

My son and I had a conversation about school and some topics being covered in his elective class. He shared the teacher’s goals for the marking period, and how it matches what aspect of the course he is really interested in learning. By the end I thought, wow he is really growing into an independent, assertive adult who will not be afraid to achieve his goals. Not to say he’s not, but I missed the message in his story. I thought this was a discussion had in class between him and the teacher, but in reality it was simply a rundown of topics to be covered. In my vision he shared with the class his interests in the curriculum. Nope! Not what he said at all.


So this tells me I not only have to continue working on speaking my truth but also hearing the truth. And with that also accepting the truth for what it is without expecting it to mean something more.

Fellow Resolifers, how are you at speaking and hearing the impeccable word (truth)?

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