Reasons Not To Suppress Who You Are

At some point in our lives we find ourselves behaving in a way that will appease others. I used to think that in the grand scheme of things that was not a bad thing. Not only are you avoiding potential conflict, but you are being a team player. But over time what happens is you lose sight of your true self.  Those innate qualities that make you special and are without a doubt an important contribution to the world. This fact is not always the easiest to see or accept, so here are a few more reasons not to hide who you are…

1.  Do so promotes anxiety & depression. Being someone you are not is exhausting and takes a tremendous toll on the mind and body. You are born with innate characteristics, use them for good and those pieces of life’s uncertainties will fall into place.

2. Deprives people of benefiting from your qualities. We all have traits that are more or less desirable to others, but either way there is a lesson to be learned.


3. Can have the opposite effect in your desire to avoid conflict.

4.  Can make you appear disingenuous, and let’s face it you are not keeping it 100 with yourself or others.

5. You miss out on opportunities for personal growth. Changes made in behavior, mindset, and emotional reactions are inevitable, but should happen on your terms.

Development is an ongoing process that lasts until you take your last breath. Continue to march to the beat of your own drum and life will be a little less complicated. Those who judge or dismiss you are lacking in an area of their lives. Do not follow them down that rabbit hole. Choose your own path and means of travel.

Fellow Resolifers, can you think of a time you struggled to be yourself? Think about what you missed out on and use that toward the motivation to never cover up who you are again.

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