Ways To Make Self-Care a Family Affair

Making the time for self-care can be a chore, especially with to-do lists, play dates, sporting events, and family functions. A hectic schedule does not mean you need to forgo activities that promote mindfulness and relieve stress. The idea of self-care does not have to be carried out in solitude. To ensure you are caring for yourself while still caring for others, here are some ways to add “me” time in an already busy schedule:

** Spending time outdoors can renew the senses and elevate endorphins. Arrange your next play date in a park and turn the outing into an interactive game for all to enjoy. The time outdoors will expose you to some nourishing vitamin D, and facilitate a happy mind and heart.

** Mindful meditation does not only have to involve sitting alone in a seated position as you channel your thoughts to focus on the moment. This can also be achieved while taking care of household chores. As you dust, sweep, and mop think about the task at hand, the tools being used, the refreshing scent of the cleaners, and how you feel after your home is clean. Maintaining thoughts solely on one activity at a time can also help check off that to-do list that much faster.

** Sometimes self-care calls for some time alone. Any baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, cheer-leading, parent will tell you your athlete must arrive at least one hour before the start of their event for warm-ups.  Use that time to sit in the car and meditate, or go for a walk and take in your surroundings. Those moments to recharge will have you ready to cheer and to take on the next part of your day.

** With the holidays around the corner, a jam-packed scheduled is as certain as holiday music being played in stores in the next few weeks. As you check off your gift list, include time for a massage, lunch (or dinner) at your favorite restaurant, or an aromatherapy bath at home.


No matter how you prefer to de-stress, making the time to care for your mind, body, and soul is a creative adjustment away. Also consider how including family and friends can improve relationships and everyone’s general health.

Resolifers, how do you fit self-care into a busy schedule?

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