Decorating in Colors That Suit Your Personality

Many aspects of our environment can influence our emotions and general outlook. A person’s home is intended to be much more than a place to rest. It is an area that can offer protection from negativity and daily stress. One of the ways to increase positivity and solace within your sanctuary is to select a color scheme that relates to your personality. 

The first step is to write down how you perceive various colors. Some may find yellow too bright, whereas some may enjoy the brightening affect. Others are into the clean look of white, and some will find it gives a hospital vibe. So what works for you? The best place to start is with the favorite colors of individuals in your household. More than likely you all will not agree, but bedrooms can be a room to personalize. When deciding on a common room look at variations of everyone’s favorite color, there is bound to be a shade everyone will like.

Here are some common colors and the personality traits they commonly hold an association with…

Red – ambitious, strong-willed, and dominant

Blue – calm, conscientious, and traditional

Green – relationship focused, promote safety, and natural

Yellow – dreamers, cheery, and goal orientated

Orange – social, extroverts, unbiased

Black – independent, inner and outer strength, and introverted

White – Simplistic, pure, and fearless


In reality we each possess a quality from each of these categories, but the dominant trait, studies have shown, will depict the color a person will gravitate toward. When preparing for your next DIY project, or home make over, play around with the color wheel and see which color and shade brings you to your happy place.

Resolifers, what is your favorite color?  What aspects of your personality relate to that color?  Share in the comment section.

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