The Power Behind the Words “I am”

Skimming through countless guided meditations on YouTube I came across a few that focused on the words “I am”. Before zoning in on the words that followed, I thought about adjectives I would use, and came up with this…

I am unsure

I am scared

I am who you want me to be

I immediately picked up on the negative path my mind was traveling and focused on the words being presented. By the time I was 20 minutes into the session, my mindset was heading in a more productive direction.

I am strong

I am on a journey to success

I am who I want to be

The bottom line is the power to decide what words best fit behind “I am” resides within each of us. You can control who you are and who you will become by first thinking it and then living it. I will be launching a business shortly, which completely terrifies me, especially because I never envisioned myself to be a business woman. Well as I cope with shifts in goals and desires, my mindset on who “I am” has also changed. Not only am I an entrepreneur, I am a person made to help others. My business will work to encompass both of these qualities.


Fellow Resolifers, think about what words you currently use to describe yourself, and decide if that is who you want to be. If not, meditate on it and make the mental changes necessary to guide your behavioral changes.

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