Retail Therapy – Yay or Nay?

Everyone copes with stress differently, and making a purchase or two is just one of many methods.  Utilized in moderation perusing through your favorite website or walking around your department store of choice can be beneficial. Your mind becomes occupied with the array of options, and if you are a comparison shopper like yours truly, then the process can be quite time consuming. However, impulsively buying after a bad day at work, or fight with a significant other can result in spending irresponsibly. This can lead to an increase in debt, buyers remorse, and clutter.

To reap the benefits and avoid the downfalls there are two important skills that must be used. This first one comes up in almost every post, so my regular readers know what is coming…mindfulness, and the second is self-control.

As you are racing to the mall or typing in the address to your favorite web store, think about something you have wanted to buy for a long time. Revisit the reasons behind wanting the item, and ask yourself if they still hold true. If so, then stop yourself from stopping at one store and picking it up. Instead, set out on a mission to find a deal. Compare prices from various vendors, and also look for bundle or warranty offers.  Once you have done your due diligence, go ahead and make the purchase. Now while you are smart shopping, behind the scenes your mind is really thinking about the situation that made you upset. This can lead to an impulse buy, but fight the urge an the next step can help calm your frustrations and even lead to a resolution.


The point of all this research and leg work is to avoid needless buying and feeling bad about it the next day. Instead, as you enjoy your item or knowing it is on its way, take the time to go over the events that lead to the purchase. After relieving some stress you will have a clear mindset that can go over the situation, your role, and those of the other people involved. You may consider an alternative reaction or method of solving the issue for future reference.

Have you recently made an impulse buy and found yourself unable to figure out why?  Share in the comment section.

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