Learning & Growing From Setbacks

Life is about planning and taking action. Many times results are not what we expected and we can find ourselves feeling like failures. I am continuously listening to podcasts and watching youtube videos created by inspirational and successful professionals who often discuss this very topic. One of many important lessons I have learned is that a setback is just an added stepping stone toward our goals.

The true measure of strength lies in an individual’s resilience and ability to learn from each disappointment and improve. Dreams are not easy to develop into reality. Remaining mindful, humble, confident, and open will get you that much closer. Take the time to plan for setbacks, but know that the unexpected can happen and that you can handle them. You are not solely a product of your past. Various other components make up your sense of self. Embrace them all and you will arrive at your intended destination that much sooner.

Realizing what you want out of life is a great starting point. Absorb knowledge from all outlets at your disposal. Pick yourself up as many times as necessary and dwell on the negative for no more than half a second. Consider alternatives and the different forms of those alternatives.

I am currently at a crossroad in my life where the paths that lie ahead of me are filled with uncertainty.  Failure does not feel like an option as I have to consider my family, but the truth is the change is what really scares me. I know that I am working and striving toward success (my version of success), and I also know that to get there I will have to take some hard chances. I do not believe I will fail, and if I do, I know how to bounce back and try again. The alterations in my sense of self leave me wishing I had a crystal ball. But again that is fear but not a fear of being unsuccessful.

Shake off those fears and embrace failure, because it is not an indication of who you are but what you have yet to accomplish.

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Fellow Resolifers, can you think of a setback that has helped you achieve a goal?

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