The Power in Symbolism

People find strength when they need it most in different facets of their life. For many nothing exudes more power, strength, and faith then a symbol. Growing up the cross, rosary beads, and candles worked to carry prayers beyond where the eye can see. For protection some carry the Hamsa or evil eye, which are said to help ward off negative energy and anything else that threatens overall well being. Till this day when faced with difficulty I reach for the nearest talisman to channel the negativity and through it I find the hope to persevere. Recently crystal healing has sparked my interest. The meaning behind each crystal has the capability to have a physical, spiritual, and mental influence.

Symbolism can also manifest in a nonphysical way. Proof that your intuition has lead you down the right path or away from the wrong one can show up in the form of a feeling. The sight of the sun shining in just the right moment, or the radio playing a song that sparks the answer to a question burning in your mind are also figurative manifestations that guide you through life.

In the late 19th century symbolism became a movement steered by the expression of concepts buried within the mind and soul of artists. Even modern advertisers use symbols to convince consumers their need for a particular product or service.

The most important and powerful aspect of symbols, are that they hold individual meanings. Their strength and value are specific and do not need the acceptance of others.

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Fellow Resolifers, what forms of symbols do you gravitate toward when in need? Comment below.

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