Dressing From The Inside Out

We have all heard a time or two how important it is to dress for the career or life we want. But for the first time this weekend I heard a speech promoting the idea of dressing for the person we are or are striving to be.  That was a concept I really needed to analyze, which involved asking some hard questions. I know what I want to do with my life and what I am working to achieve, but never have I thought to connect those ideas with my personal style. In two easy, yet timely steps I determined what outfits best represented me. You give it a try, the steps are…

**Write down the first 5 personal characteristics that come to mind. In considering who I am and who I hope I represent each day, these are the traits I came up with… (i) Confident; (ii) intelligent; (iii) warm; (iv) friendly; and (v) fun.

^^The next step is time consuming and may take a weekend, a week, or a month to narrow down. Just remember that you are working toward another milestone in your personal growth journey.  Pick out the clothes in your arsenal that make you feel like you are exuding those traits.  For me blazers give me such a girlboss feeling and kicks up my confidence a notch or two higher. My heels, oh how I love my heels, give me a professional, ready to take on the world feeling. Accessorizing with my signature color (blue) makes me warm and toasty so I will be throwing in some blue scarves, pendants, and earrings. Costume jewelry is my go-to because they are fun and serve as conversation pieces.

**The final step is a daily practice.  When you go into your closet in the morning, do not ask what are you going to wear, instead ask yourself what qualities do you want to represent? 

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Finding true happiness and complete contentment involves cherishing who you are and stopping yourself from portraying a person you believe the world wants to see.

Resolifers, what characteristics will your personal style represent? Comment below.

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