The Art of Letting Go

Within each of us is the ability to purge the unwanted, unnecessary, and unhealthy. For most this skill is buried and takes a conscious effort to bring to the surface. To achieve mastery it is important to practice diligently and regularly. The first step is to decide why you must rid yourself of this particular person, place, or thing. The reasons behind your decision will give you the strength to forge through the uncertainties. Some things  a person may want to consider letting go include…

*Dwelling on the past. The fact is the past cannot be changed, and why would you want to.  Good or bad it was a learning experience. All you need to worry about doing now is take what you have learned to enhance the present and future.

*Focusing on what you have not achieved. The path you are currently traveling is for a reason. Perhaps what you envisioned for yourself is not what is best, or it is just not the right time. Celebrate where you are and fill thoughts of tomorrow with positive vibes and you will be where you need to go before you know it.

*Spending too much time on the “what ifs”. It is human nature to think about the worse and best case scenarios. People are also programed to wonder about the difference in outcomes should a situation had been approached differently. In future situations take the time to remove yourself emotionally leaving room for a logic and well thought out decisions, and you will not have to worry about what could have been.

*Holding on to unhealthy relationships. People come into your life for different reasons, but remember to consider if those explanations match who you are and who you are developing to become. Those who genuinely care about you will not hinder your growth but they will help to nurture and celebrate milestones.

*Quadruple booking. Everyone’s lives are filled with long to-do lists and multiple responsibilities. Give yourself the time to fully focus on each item to avoid burnout and reduce stress.

*Playing the comparison game. Everyone’s situations are different. Thinking about where a person is in their life in relation to where you are in yours will promote unnecessary stress. Instead of trying to keep up with the Jones’s keep up with your personal goals and aspirations.

*Not making time for self-care. Me time is a must. Even 15 minutes a day to focus on personal needs will come a long way in keeping you mentally and physically healthy.


Letting go is easier said then done. Take baby steps to work through eliminating the people, places, and things that bring about negativity. Write down your short-term and long-term goals, and at the end of the week journal about what went on. This gives you a chance to see where you are with your achievements, and to rid yourself of all that unproductive noise.

Fellow Resolifers, have you let go of something lately?  Or is there something your life could do without?  Comment below.

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