Self-Care Practice During Holiday Season Prep

We are just two weeks away from turkey, stuffing, and quality family time.  Although we all look forward to good food and company, the process can be stressful and the conversation can take a judgemental turn. Having the thoughts and opinions of family members is unavoidable, so to make it through with some semblance of sanity it is important to be mindful of personal needs.   These tips and tricks are ideal for not only the host/hostess with the mostess but for all guests.

~ Make lists and stick with them. Guest lists will help a host/hostess keep track of how much food and space will be needed. *Don’t forget to follow up on those RSVP stragglers. A gift list that keeps your budget in mind ensures you will not miss a person and prevent overspending.  For those traveling this season schedule your time to make sure you see everyone you want to visit while in town.

~ Create a plan to get everything on your list including how and where you will get it.

~ Delegate Delegate Delegate. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Split your chores with other members.

~ Designate a time before and after the festivities for some “me time”. You can go to your room for a 15 minute guided meditation, workout just as the sun begins to rise, or take a walk around the neighborhood or a park. Keep those journals handy. They are your safe place to unleash all that is burning inside.

~ Leave room for the unexpected. Unfortunately not everything can be neatly planned and executed, and that’s okay. In the end it will make for a funny or interesting story for next year.

~ Buy yourself a gift or plan a post-holiday celebration only a true introvert would love. Alone time is ideal for reflection and purging of stress.


The holiday season should be enjoyed and not dreaded.  Take time needed to decompress and remain mindful of what the holiday means to you.  Try to ignore the less than constructive criticism of relatives.  Remember they do not have the answers to your life’s questions and what works for them is not what necessarily works for you.

Fellow Resolifers what are your plans for the holiday season? How are you going incorporate self-care into those plans?

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