Maneuvering Bumps In The Road

Working toward creating and leading a full life takes time, effort, patience, and the will to persevere. This is especially true when road blocks fall in the path. These bumps in the road, as I like to say, can curtail a dream or worse make you lose faith in your abilities. The best line of defense is to recognize what the core issue is and address it.

I took a break from blogging to address some personal hardships. After taking time to examine who I am, what I want out of my relationships, and the things I hold most important I learned it was time to reevaluate my goals. I took on too much too fast but learned the importance of slowing down to avoid those flat tire creating pot holes.

To overcome life’s obstacles I recommend…

I) Journal every day or as regularly as possible. So many thoughts run through your mind a minute. Make space to focus on one item at a time by moving those ideas to paper. It’s also great with the daunting task of separating emotions from a situation. Level headed decisions are ones that combine the mind and the heart.

II) Release stress in your own way. For some this may mean adding an extra session at the gym. For others a walk in nature. Or maybe you find solace in the latest Netflix original. Go for whatever calms your body, mind, and spirit.

III) Schedule a break when your focus shifts to more than 2 items. Self-imposed obstacles manifest when a person becomes overwhelmed. Stop and write down all the tasks that you want to accomplish.  Then prioritize them based on what is most pressing. Writing them down will help keep the most important goal in the fore front of your mind and push the others temporarily to the back.

IV) Cut yourself some slack. Do not feel bad for taking a step back.  Time away does not mean you will not still achieve greatness, only that it will happen when it is supposed to. Do not let negative thoughts bring you down or stop you from giving everything you have. You will learn, grow, and change, all of which will require revaluation.

As we begin a new year consider the setbacks you have experienced and how you can turn them around to persevere when all is said and done. January 1st is a day of new beginnings for most.  Make every day a chance for a do over and make the changes that will ensure a happier, healthier, fully-balanced life.


Fellow Resolifers what resolutions are you making for the new year?  How will you cope with any unexpected and expected obstacles.

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