Symbols That Describe Life’s Challenges & Triumphs

Signs can be seen everywhere. They can guide a person toward a particular path, and provide the motivation to navigate through difficult situations. Symbols are controlled by a person’s perception. Thoughts, societal views, and experiences dictate the power found within a emblem, object, image, or occurrence. Culture is another important facet to symbolism and its role in an individual’s journey. Some symbols that best represent the ups and downs experienced in life include…

I) Unalome – Derives from the Hindu religion and depicts a journey to enlightenment as it begins at the crown of swirls eventually traveling up in a straight line. This shows an increase in wisdom and an individual’s ability to travel without unwavering from his or her goal.

II) Ying/Yang – This symbol is a classic example of balance. Living life in moderation promotes a level of harmony necessary for personal peace. So go ahead an indulge on a carb filled meal, but remember to add an extra rep or two during your next sweat session.

III) Lotus Flower – This emblem is a beautiful flower that grows in swampy water signifying the strength to overcome challenges. The power residing in each of us is often tested by life’s obstacles and the lotus is the perfect symbol to remind us of all that we are capable of achieving.

IV) Butterfly- Life is about change and humans are built to withstand the demands of evolution. Just like a butterfly we live in a shelter we created seemingly for protection. However despite efforts life happens and it is our decision to allow circumstances to either derail or promote growth.

Fellow Resolifers what symbols do you connect with the most? The butterfly is my favorite as it helps me overcome my fears of change and embrace the new person that emerges after every challenge.

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