The Benefits of Brain Dumping

Now the concept of brain dumping does not refer to tossing out your brain and picking up a new one. Instead it is the process of relinquishing, organizing, and settling the mind down. The nearly 3 pound organ that is responsible for all that we do and all that we are can get overwhelmed. Help it’s function by clearing the mind of life’s pressures and all the stress that follows. It is important  to release information that is no longer useful, such as negative thoughts and unproductive critism. Short-term details, tasks that can be quickly crossed off the list, and your latest argument are just some of the situations that can be released during a healthy brain dump.


I will keep repeating this must-do activity until the cows come home. Do not get me wrong there are some days that are so hectic I forget to take out a few minutes to write down my thoughts. But on those days I feel the difference, and it reminds me to get back to writing the very next day, and to include an entry for the previous one. If possible end your day with a writing session. Right before bed is the time most people tend to examine their day and all the things that lie ahead for the next one. Write it all down and enjoy a truly restful slumber.

Phone a Friend

Dial up a trusted confidant and vent, celebrate, cry, and laugh your way to a clear mind. Not everyone has the time to chat every day, but for those days that are more stressful than others hearing the voice of someone on your side can make all the difference. A friend may also have some great ideas on how to handle a particular problem, or give you a new perspective on a situation.


Oooommmm. The soothing sound of an uplifting mantra, soft music, crashing waves, or even of your breathing can whisk you away to a place of clarity. A meditative zone allows the practitioner to focus on the moment and push back concerns of the past and future. Meditation has many benefits, and brain dumping is one of them. At the end of your session you will be rewarded with a sense of calm that can get you through the day, help work through a deadline, or get some sleep.

There are so many ways to relax the mind and get rid of the unnecessary chatter. Find what works best for you and work on being as consistent as possible.

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