Dreams: A Look Into The Future or Into the Mind

Dreams historically can serve as a map into what lies ahead. They can also help explain what resides in your inner most thoughts. Today as we remember civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it is important to reflect on the impact dreams had by historical figures had on the world. Dr. King’s words still holds so much power and serves as inspiration for society to continue to change for the better.

On a personal level dreams can be invoked to make decisions and to workout current situations. So in answer to the title of today’s post, the pictures, messages, and sensations experienced during slumber can be interpreted for both. It is important to take the time to review the events, but it is challenging to remember details vividly.

Tips that can help recall dreams…

i) Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed. Right down everything that comes to mind as soon as you open your eyes;

ii) Meditate when you wake up. Focusing on the breath can help clear your mind and allow suppressed thoughts to come forth; and

iii) Try to hold onto how you feel the moment you wake up. Emotions are strong catalysts for memory recollection.

Fellow Resolifers have you ever had a dream that has positively influenced your life? Love to read your experiences. Comment below.

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