Sacrifice For A Greater Purpose

People are often faced with the daunting task of purging something or someone of importance for one reason or another. The hesitation to go through with a break up, change jobs, or relocate manifests mostly out of fear of the unknown. The mind becomes plagued with “what ifs” and although the decision has already been made, the anxiety of the potential consequences makes us take a second, third, or even fourth look.

I am not necessarily a religious person but I maintain a firm belief in a higher power. There is strength behind the idea that someone or something is watching over us and providing guidance during every challenge. I recently watched a sermon presented by a Christian church I would visit weekly before I allowed life to get in the way of that one hour of worship. Luckily their services are recorded and uploaded to their YouTube Channel (CCOP), and I have the opportunity to take part when time allows. Recently the pastor discussed an unimaginable sacrifice made by Abraham. He carried his son to death for a greater purpose he did not yet understand. But his faith gave him the strength to proceed. Luckily in this day-and-age it is not necessary to take such grave actions although we are still faced with give up things we love.

For reasons we sometimes do not understand we love the things that do not love us back or that in some way bring us harm. The message of letting go promotes the disposal of what is familiar, what is comfortable, but what is also preventing personal growth.

Learning to let go takes practice and faith. The process begins with developing an understanding of what you want and need out of life. Happiness, fulfillment, and overall good health we all desire falls in the realm of personal responsibility. Take that often stressful and scary task seriously enough to study yourself and recognize the good and all that you deserve. Decipher between what you can tolerate and what you should tolerate but in the end pick you. It is when you focus on your development that you can truly see your purpose and the best ways to go about achieving them.

Fellow Resolifers, what are some tough decisions you have made in the past that in the end made you open to more possibilities and opportunities?

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