The Difference Between Gut Instincts And Fear

Decision making is a process often reliant on experience and emotions. Deciphering between the two is not an easy task especially when the stakes are high. Instinctual or intuitive thoughts begin with a sense of feeling certain that something is just not right. Fear can manifest after the anxiety sets in or at the cusp of a decision. Recognizing what is happening in the moment makes all the difference.

Mindfulness training will provide the skills to focus on aspects of a situation that will aid in making a conscious decision. The key to seeing things for what they are is to remove the emotional component. Many mindful meditations will have an individual steer all their attention to the breath. Recognizing when oxygen is taking in and when carbon dioxide is released. From there a person can advance to paying mind to the chest as it rises and falls. With continued practice an individual’s control over his or her focus can become one of the most powerful tools.

Another component to deciphering between instincts and fear is to rely on facts and not on assumptions. We know ourselves well enough to know when we are reaching conclusions that lack evidence, and when information is leading us to react in a particular way. Once you are sure of the details you can define the compulsion to behave in a particular way.

In addition to personal beliefs that stem from emotion and lack support, there are those that are imposed on by society. As a whole we are taught to fear certain conditions, situations, and people. Stop to take a moment to consider what having your own experience will teach you.

Fellow Resolifers can you tell when your instincts are at play or if it is fear driving you?

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