Finding Personal Freedom

Freedom by definition is a state of existing without restraint or restrictions. Most often people feel a lack of freedom due to responsibilities, obligations, and even society. But the truth is personal freedom is attainable and it starts with an internal examination.

This weekend I created and played a game of self-care bingo. The point was to start consciously developing behaviors that ensured I took the time make sure my needs were being met. It is too easy to fall into routines that focus on the care of others. What was interesting to me was that while I was paying more attention to “me” I learned things I had never recognized. It is amazing what details pass us by when we allow ourselves to just get through life. I now know a few things about myself that I am proud of and some that need some alterations. And it is within these changes that I will wholeheartedly achieve personal freedom.

So what can you do to find your sense of freedom? Try some of these challenges…

i) Engage in activities that promote self-reflection. On my instagram page you will find a pic of the self-care bingo card I created. You can also take some time to read back through your journals. While reading think about what triggered the thoughts and emotions you shared. Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind and open yourself up to absorbing those small details hidden behind your words.

ii) Go for a walk in nature. Taking a walk in a quiet area will minimize distractions. And during that time you can think about current situations and what you feel may be holding you back. Pinpointing the source of what is causing the feeling of confinement.

iii) Have a conversation with yourself. I know this one sounds a bit off the chart but run with it. It will probably be the hardest discussion you have ever had, but look in the mirror and talk about anything and everything. You will notice there are some topics that will be hard to cover. And those are the ones you will want to write down and take the time to focus on.

iv) Write a self-review. Another challenging method has you not only rating yourself but do it on paper. You will find it interesting and difficult to see what areas you view in a positive or negative light.

There are some tough assignments in this post. But remember you are one of the most fascinating people you know, and should give yourself the opportunity to learn more. Fellow Resolifers, have you ever taken the time to look within? What methods did you use?

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