A Comeback of Positive Porpotions

As I dive back into writing and blogging I am reminded of the self-imposed setbacks that have prevented me from achieving goals. Sad to say I gave up on myself for just a minute. For that minute I pushed aside all I have learned about gratitude, self-care, and effectively coping with stress. These past few months I had to move out of the shadows I created and refocus the energy wasted on a negative mindset to helping others. The reason why I started blogging was to share what I have learned and continue to learn while traveling through this journey called life.

Tips to Promoting a Positive & Healthy Mindset

**Pick up that gratitude journal: Remind yourself of the good in your life, all that you have accomplished, and all that you do. Focusing on the positive takes practice, so take the time to write it down and read it out.

**Engage in some form of physical activity: Go for a walk, take a class, or play a sport. Find an outdoor activity that inspires, challenges, and rejuvenates you.

**Go back to planning and executing steps to achieve your goals: Take baby steps and even go back to step 1 if need be, but start working toward fulfilling your dreams.

**Seek guidance: Find someone you can go over what you are experiencing. Sometimes just talking it out can promote a sense of clarity. Advice does not always have to be taken but can serve to develop solutions you had not thought to consider.

**Read: Stories about others trials, tribulations, and triumphs can inspire. Books on developing or learning a new skill gives such a thrilling boost to the ego. We all can use an opportunity to heighten our sense of self. Whether it is for enjoyment or to educate, travel, even just for a moment, to a place where your mind can take a break.

**Engage in self-care: Take time for yourself. During that time find an activity that brings you comfort, joy, and complete relaxation. Include your inner circle only if the focus will not shift away from your needs.

**Rest: Sleep truly is a cure to many physical and psychological ailments. Your mind, body, and spirit needs complete down time that is best achieved during a deep slumber.

**Meditate: This is one tip I can honestly say I never have given up on. It motivates, centers, and alleviates stress. Like anything worth doing, it takes patience and practice. But the rewards are endless.

Whether you choose to do one, all, or none of these tips please remember to take care of yourself. Why? Because you are loved, you are needed, and you are worthy! Whether or not you see it you have gifts that are vital to your community. Find it within yourself to discover them.

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