How Self-Gratitude Can Lead to a New Appreciation for Life

Happiness like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perception about an individual’s situation decides what aspects of his or her life are enjoyable and which ones need to be changed. Maintaining a healthy dose of gratitude for yourself will extend toward others and facilitate a healthy, well-balanced life. Unfortunately there are people who have faced, who are facing, or who will face experiences that rattles their core and sense of self. Bringing your mindset back to a state of balance that relates to the life known before the event is the challenge.

Where Does Rediscovering Gratitude Begin?

Acknowledgement is the first step in the process of creating change. Recognize the lack of gratitude and the behaviors that enhance negative thoughts. Then write down their counterparts. When you say to yourself I am not good at _______, write down at least one thing you do well. Pat yourself on the back, and appreciate your skills. Revisit the negative phrase and write down the steps needed to boost your ability to complete the task successful.

Practicing Self Gratitude

Consistency is key to developing any new habit. And it’s even more vital to making a behavior a natural occurrence. Begin and end your day with 5 phrases or actions that show appreciation. Pay yourself a compliment, make yourself a good meal, reward your efforts. Schedule this time to ensure it gets done. Things happen so even if you have a chance to practice once a day, don’t give up. Your thought pattern will get to a more positive place.

Handling Setbacks

We all have bad days that take us to an area of uncertainty and disappointment. How we cope with these situations will make all the difference in the practice of self gratitude. Remember to counter those disparaging thoughts and even take a look back at the words of appreciation you have expressed in the past. The key is not to lose sight of your practice. Stick to your routine and make adjustments when needed.

Promoting and executing healthy habits can be challenging when disruptions occur. Obstacles are a part of life and are not there to prove what we are not capable of but instead to show the strengths that reside within. Gravitating to the thoughts of what cannot be done, or what cannot be achieved will only hinder your mental health with your physical health falling right behind. Graciously scan your life and all you do.

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