“The End” Can Really Mean “Once Upon a Time”

One of my favorite sayings is as one door closes another one opens. So when it seems like a situation has ended, take it as the end of a chapter and not the end of your story. Rarely does a situation start without another wrapping up and although it is hard to say goodbye, learning to let go promotes growth.

Understanding Why It Is The End

The act of letting go is one of the hardest challenges a person can face. Mostly because a change in routine, despite how necessary, causes a disruption. Think about how a situation that needs to end can escalate if you decide to not close that chapter. Then compare it to two ways your life would change after eliminating that particular situation. Still unsure about ending it? Another aspect to consider is if the reasons why you included this situation into your life in the first place still holds up. You may have learned all you can, so work to realize when it is time to say goodbye, show gratitude, and keep it moving.

Closing the Door

The analyzing and planning behind executing an ending can be anxiety inducing, making it that much harder to make the move. If you make the decision to “close the door” then solely focus on the pros when taking the plunge and rip the band-aid right off. Once “the end” happens you can jump into rebuilding and making room for the new. Looking to close friends and family can offer the support you need to get things done. Consider those who will not only cheer you on from the sidelines but who will also help you cope with the aftermath. Knowing you have that comfort waiting in the wings after releasing something that has become your “norm” provides an unimaginable strength.

Be Open to a New Story Line

You’ve loved, you’ve lost, you’ve grieved, and now its time to live. A new chapter begins and it is time to embrace it. But what happens if that opportunity is not just waiting for you? You go out and find it. In many cases a proactive approach is necessary. So plan out activities to fill the void left behind, look for challenges, a chance to meet new people and new experiences.

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Its easier to say “just end it” then it is to actually follow through, so take the time you need to workout your plans. But keep in mind you cannot plan for everything, and if all the new things that come into your life are expected where would be the room for growth? Next time a situation ends or a person leaves your life instead of dwelling on the goodbyes get yourself pumped for all the hellos.

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