Variety in Routine

Even in my adolescence I found establishing and maintaining a routine was extremely important. Being prepared for what is to come helped to leave room for the unexpected and ensure the achievement of ultimate goals. Now as I am in the thick of adulting I am finding there is never enough time in the day, week, weekend, month, or year to fit it all. By “it” I mean work, kids, self-care, and fun. For one week I kept track in my journal of everything I did each day. And by the end I found I did the same exact things, more or less, every day. There is no wonder life seems to be passing by in a blink of an eye. Routine, when not properly managed can make a person feel stuck and hinder personal growth. And it took me a long time to realize that I am stuck.

So what can be done to slow down the pace of life and feel like you are truly living?

Practice Mindfulness – Be in the moment, every single moment. When you are working out, focus on your movements, your breath, and the goal in that moment. When you are watching your kids play focus on the way they move and the look on their face as they play. Appreciate how carefree they are and you will discover that feeling is within you too. When working on a project keep your thoughts on each step as you complete them. Remove distractions that may prevent you from living in the moment.

Plan and embrace change – This is where all planners like myself can utilize those organizational skills. Examine where you are in your life and look for areas that make you feel dormant and unfulfilled. Make of a list of ways you can shake things up and then execute. There will be avenues that will not pan out, but that is why you have a list. 🙂 Every other week switch your schedule where possible. Move taco Tuesdays to taco Thursdays, get laundry done on a Friday night leaving your Saturday night open for a different activity.

Take a hobby to the next level – We all have something we enjoy doing but never give ourselves enough time to truly embrace it. Turn that crochet project, journaling habit, passion for health & beauty, culinary skill, or green thumb into more than a when-I-have-the-time activity. Make it what you do on the weekends or weeknights you never know what will come out of it.


Routine in all its organizational glory is necessary but it should also fall subject to change. Live with purpose and try with all your might not to succumb to pressures of your responsibilities. Even the smallest of alternations can promote the biggiest of benefits.

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