Surviving the 9 to 5 Grind

Working in the corporate world has many benefits and just as many drawbacks. Figuring out how you cope with the drawbacks when they seem to out weigh the benefits is the challenge of the day. Lately I find myself struggling with the usual mundane and unfulfilling tasks while also at a loss with starting something new. In the meantime a girl’s gotta pay her bills. So to make it to 5 o’clock and avoid dwelling on unrealistic deadlines and various personalities in tight quarters, here are a few tips to get you through the day.

Hygge your office space

Hygge for those of you unfamiliar with the Danish term refers to a moment when a person is overcome with feelings of comfort and contentment with the simplest of things. My Hygge items of choice are my standing desk and fleece shawl. When I raise my computer, push my chair to the back of my desk, and stand up straight, breathing gets a little easier and my stress level quickly lessens. To cope with those arctic office temps my shawl gives me the warmth I need to remind myself it is not the dead of winter allowing me to focus on my current tasks.

Have stress relief toys on hand

Who says grown ups cannot play with toys?!? Stress balls are ideal for working out the tension in your muscles and helping to release frustration. One of my favorite items given to me by a thoughtful boss are my buckyballs. Now get your minds out of the gutter. Buckyballs are small magnetic beads that you can combine to make all sorts of shapes and objects. And #Bonus they are great for promoting your mathematics and perception skills.

Just breath

When people are under distress one of the first parts of the body to feel it are the shoulders. They get raised and squeezed together causing aches in the upper back. One of the ways to relax the shoulders and body as a whole is to take long deep breaths in and out. While breathing in count until three and count again as you breath out. This technique can help take focus away from the issue and on to each breath. Changing the direction of your concentration is a great way to alleviate stress.

Walk it out

When possible this is my woosaaa action of choice. I typically take my lunch hour as an opportunity to go for a quick speed walk to help raise my heart rate (in a healthy way) and minimize the anxiety that often comes with a rough day.

Vent session

Now many self-help gurus I love and respect frown upon wasting time and energy on complaining. But it is often a helpful and healthy way to let it out. I personally tend to cry it out and then share it with those who do and do not relate to my plight. Now some may be asking why talk to someone who cannot relate? In the heat of the moment it is difficult to tell when you are having an emotional response or if there is more to the issue that needs to be addressed. Once you determine if the current stressor is you or the situation, you can think about how to deal.

Take the time for self-care in the workplace as it is important not only for personal well-being but also for your position. Despite challenges that come your way you want to put your best foot forward and complete your tasks with efficiency. Do not let anyone or anything get in the way of being the best version of yourself or from living your best life.

Fellow Resolifers think about the last time you were filled with frustration and anger at work. Five minutes ago? Yea me too. Now think about how you felt and how you chose to handle it. Did it help and was it really the best course of action? Prepare yourself for the next corporate blow up and you will be equipped with the tools to cope with anything.

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