The Comeback Kid…Again

For months the thought of revamping this blog flowed in and out of my mind. The decision to stop documenting this journey to a full and grateful life happened without thought. One day I just stopped hitting that post button despite having material sitting in drafts. Now I find myself months after working from home longing to put into motion some necessary life changes. I welcome all to join in on reacquainting ourselves with what it means to live a resonant lifestyle.

Nothing Like Chaos to Kick Up the “Get It Done Mindset”

The spread and life altering affects of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) has shifted the lives of everyone in the world. The pandemic debilitating the way the world conducts its day-to-day operations has forced most into self-quarantine and self-discovery. We are all now searching for more to fill our days besides the patience to cope with remote access delays. Writing has and will always be my go to. But I am beginning to remember that this “hobby” means so much more. It is my chance to share the wisdom I learn from life and others with anyone willing and ready to listen.

Listening and taking action is the key to getting back the control Covid 19 has had on all our lives. By following the basic of hygienic rules and practicing social distancing we can slow down and eventually stop the spread.

In the mean time take the time to rediscover activities that bring you joy. I have fueled my creative side by learning to make candles, tackling some household DIY projects, and of course writing. Examine how your interests can become another source of income. Establishing a side hustle seems more prevalent than ever as job stability becomes less of a sure thing.

Maneuvering Through the Chaos

Other than building your savings, a side hustle is a healthy distraction from these uncertain times. Each candle I have made has been a learning experience and to be honest I have yet to master the process. Just center the wick, melt the wax, let it set, trim the wick, and Voilà, they said. Yea not quite the experience I have been having. So as I continue improving on my skills and figuring out how to get the wick to burn at the same pace as the wax takes to melt, I am reminded that the pandemic has not taken away my options.

Focusing on improving your health is another great distraction. I recently was diagnosed with Graves disease and have made a number of lifestyle changes in the hope of eliminating medication from my treatment process. I have gone gluten-free and up-ed my workout game. I do some form of cardio (walk/jog and pilates) for 2 hours every morning. After I log off of work for the day I throw in a yoga session or another round of pilates. Right now my schedule allows for it and I am making good use of not having a commute while it lasts.

Redecorate or organize your space to make it your oasis. Now that our office and home space has become one and the same it is important to find ways to differentiate. Place your desk near a window for vitamin D and use a decorative room divider to separate it from the rest of your living space. If you are like me and your window is smack in the middle of your living space use an office chair during work hours and your sofa during break time. Although you are in the same space, how you use it can make all the difference.

Welcome Back

It feels great to write again and to be among a community of fellow writers and readers. The power held in words are just as strong as the power in our thoughts and when you combine the two, boy does it feel great. Until next post.

Grateful for second, third, and fourth chances. What are you grateful for?

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