The 2020 Feels

Here we are more than halfway through the year that quickly ensured its way into future history books. I wish as I was writing this post I could say everyone has returned to the level of normalcy known before January 2020, instead everyone is working toward creating a new meaning to their “normal”. The world has witnessed and/or experienced loss in varying forms whether it be the loss of loved ones to COVID-19, cultural and political duress, or the decrease in social contact necessary to keep safe. All these factors and more bring up all different emotions sometimes at the same time.

January 2020

In January when the world lost the great Kobe Bryant along with 9 others including his 13 year-old daughter everyone was in disbelief. How could a nearly every day occurrence like traveling to a sporting event end in such tragedy? The days following made my commute to work and my drive to run errands a bit anxiety ridden. Eventually I came to the realization that I had to continue living by being cautious but not operating with fear. Fear leads to distraction, which can lead to mistakes. Coping with anxiety and fear involves redirecting your thoughts away from the negative and toward the task at hand. Approaching situations mindfully allows you to push all the extra, unrelated, and unproductive thoughts to the back. Giving all your energy and focus to sound, sight, smell, and taste to your current activity will inevitably lead a fulfilling outcome.

February & March 2020

February and March of this year were a time of confusion, uncertainty, and the overwhelming feeling that something big was about to happen. Many failed to realize that what was coming would change the face of our country and the world. Late March and early April the number of people being admitted into the intensive care unit and those losing their lives were growing rapidly. The country had no choice but to shut down and push everyone to stay in their homes. My heart goes out to all essential workers who could not honker down with their families to ensure their safety. These individuals left their homes every day to make sure the rest of us had food, supplies, medical care, and were protected. The first two months of the shut down were probably the toughest as the world worked to become accustomed to quarantine life with no end in sight. Most dealt with the situation by fixing up and remodeling their homes. The common theme for the spring and early summer was DIY renovations and staycations. These acts show just how resilient we all are. Life gave us a slew of lemons we made lemonade, lemon bars, and detox lemon water.

Summer 2020

As the warmer temperatures came around experts had the world believing the risk would lessen; however, as we approach the fall we can only leave our homes for necessities and short bursts of recreation. Travel is still risky and most companies are taking precautions by continuing work-at-home flexibility for employees able to do so. Work-from-home life was a huge adjustment for some, a welcome new normal for others, and a necessary safety measure for all. To handle the change from interstate commuter to inter-house commuter I selected a designated work space in my living room and work majority of the day with the television off. I avoid my bedroom until after I log off, and in place of my 3 to 4 hour a day commute I have increased my activity level.

Heading into Fall 2020

Resolifers, instead of dwelling on how much your world has changed focus on the productive additions or subtractions you can make with these changes. Create or at least get closer to the lifestyle you have always imagined. Think about how to make these changes staples once the world establishes its new normal. Eventually we will all head back to our commutes and offices but when that happens we will be that much more stronger, resilient, and self-aware.

I am grateful for my family, friends, and TikTok. All three have helped me cope with the life the pandemic has thrown us all into. What are you grateful for today? Write it down or say it out loud!

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