Discovering What Inner Peace Means to You

What does inner peace mean to you? Many describe it as complete and total happiness. The kind of happiness that comes from following your own path and watching your dreams come to life. It is important to realize achieving goals and creating a life you love. as fantastic as it is, is just the tip of the inner peace iceberg. When you come to understand this concept whenever situations do not go your way, you will still experience a sense of wholeness and accomplishment.

Inner peace in my humble opinion should be comprised of finding a level of comfort within your skin. Happiness with who you are, where you are, and where you plan on going. Arriving at this level of acceptance is not simple. Trust me I am still working on it. But like anything worth having it takes practice and patience. These two concepts I write about a lot because we need to have patience with ourselves. Make the time to search for your inner peace and you will discover it was lying dormant within you just waiting to be recognized.

Tips I have learned that will awaken this unapologetic love, happiness, and calm within you include…

1) Remove the emotional component of a stressful situation. Taking that moment to view an issue without being upset at the person or thing causing you to stress can provide a clear picture of what is truly going on. A decision made without a cloud of judgement is a well thought out solution.

2) Journal, get it all out of your mind and somewhere you can view it. While in your face you can differentiate between unhelpful thoughts and those that will lead you to the life you want and all that resides within.

3) Stop being so hard on yourself and during the times you are feeling down use it as motivation to make changes. You have not failed you are a work in progress.

4) The social media life of others does not apply to you. The lure of social media has many allowing what they see and hear dictate how they should lead their lives. Try that fitness guru’s latest workout, change up your style, and organize based on what sparks joy; however, do not let not having all of these things define you. You are that much closer to achieving fulfillment as the most popular influencer.

A zen you is asleep waiting to emerge when you are ready.

Grateful for being able to have a voice and the chance to learn to use it. What are you grateful for?

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