Finding Joy In What Exists Vs. Manifesting Joy

Many have contributed their thoughts, study findings, and personal experiences on the topic of joy. The common thread to the thousands of literature on the topic is that you must either create your happiness or find it in what you already have. I propose this… why not do both?!?! Gratitude for what already exists can do wonders for the mindset in the toughest of times. At the same time to change means to grow and that involves taking those scary steps toward finding what makes you happy.

Be Grateful, Be Mindful, Be Happy

Gratitude journaling is probably the most common activity people can do to promote a peaceful mind. If you are continuously thinking about what is lacking it will become difficult to find the good in any situation. Start the day by listing five things that you are grateful for and prepare your mindset to conquer anything and everything. Thinking back at my morning five always helps me cope when my bosses decide to take out their frustration on everyone around them, or if someone in my life tests my limits.

Empathy Is A Path Toward Happiness

Recognize that what you have may not be what the next person has, and take gratitude to the next level and show empathy. Once you find your happy place take it to the next level by empathizing with the other person. Putting yourself in another’s shoes takes you out of your own head. This also gives you the opportunity to help others. Nothing is more personally rewarding than knowing you made a difference in the lives of others.

Creating Joy

The first step to building on existing or fabricating joy is to write down all the things that make you happy. This list should have the aspects of your job that enjoy, hobbies, things about where you live, and even the people in your lives. Take all that you have written and find connections. Maybe you love crafting with your family, or have a position that involves writing and enjoy horror thrillers. Combine the two aspects and make it a regular part of life. In a world of ecommerce and small businesses you can even turn these connections into a profitable venture or a chance to change careers. Remember that change promotes growth!

Reflect, Appreciate, and Create

Focus on the aspects of your life you enjoy most and an appreciation for even the most displeasing things will manifest. Take what you know and all the things that you find fun and create something new.

Today I am grateful for my son’s dry humor, the health of my family and friends, and sweater weather.

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