Yoga the Alternative Medicine

When I am not quite feeling myself I look to the medicine cabinet as a last resort. Medications, although in many cases necessary, have so many possible side effects that it does not always seem worth it. Even now as I am working to alleviate my recent diagnosis of Graves disease, I am incorporating my doctor’s prescribed medication with dietary changes and exercise. The mind/body connection is beneficial for many reasons and I whole-heartedly believe can help many common issues. The one ailment I am continuously battling (especially during my favorite time of the month…NOT) are migraines. Here are some common ailments and my recommended moves to help relieve them.

Migraines / Headaches

We all suffer from a headache or migraine for various reasons from stress, hormonal imbalance, to seasonal changes. Over the counter medication typically does the trick but when you are plagued with the pain on a regular basis you may want to consider some natural options. A change in diet is typically a good place to start. However at the moment the pain hits you try a short yoga sequence of a (a) Seated Twist, (b) Lotus Pose, (c) Bridge Pose, and (d) Head Stand (use a wall for support).

Top Left – Seated Twist; Top Right – Lotus Pose;
Bottom Left – Bridge Pose; Bottom Right – Head Stand

Back Pain

Falling asleep in the wrong position, heavy lifting, or just twisting in the wrong angle are just some of the causes of back pain. Stretching, when done properly, can work wonders in alleviate and preventing future pain. Consider a (a) Seated Twist, (b) Spinal Twist, and (c) Tree Pose.

Top – Spinal Twist; Bottom – Tree Pose


Limitations in your motion, stiffness, swelling, and pain in your joints can be an indication that you are suffering from Arthritis. A visit to the doctor can confirm and get you a well informed treatment plan. It may also be beneficial to include a yoga routine comprised of (a) Child Pose, and (b) Downward Dog.

Top – Child Pose; Bottom – Downward Dog


Lack of sleep can contribute to a slew of health problems. Adding a relaxing yoga session to your nighttime routine can contribute to restful night slumber. The ideal moves to quiet your mind and body are (a) Child Pose, (b) Cat/Cow, (c) Legs Up the Wall, and (d) Corpse Pose.

Top Pics – Cat / Cow; Bottom Left Legs Up Wall; Bottom Right – Corpse Pose

*Please note this post is not intended to replace advice from a medical professional. Look up the moves to ensure proper form and to avoid injury.

I am grateful for the ability to learn new things, the chance to share what I know, and for change. As we come into the last half of 2020 change has been occurring all around us. It is nerve racking and exciting so embrace the balance.

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