Pandemic Friendly Halloween

All Hallows Eve was first celebrated by the Celtics and today is celebrated in many cultures who all share in the common theme of wearing costumes. The Celtics lit bonfires and dressed up to ward off spirits and to thank the gods for summer crops that would keep them fed throughout the approaching winter. Currently, October 31st has taken on a different significance and is spent collecting candy and partying in our most creative, creepiest, or funniest costumes. Although this is an occasion geared more toward children, the fact is the fear, excitement, and the treats are a joy for all. Thanks to the world pandemic this year is going to look pretty different but the opportunity to take a reality break does not have to stop with the restrictions put in place by social distancing.

Play Dress Up

As adults festivities typically involve attending the liveliest party or the scariest haunted house. Keep the fun going by searching for a costume and throwing your own party at home. Dressing up gives you the chance to play a different role or be another version of yourself. Take a break from the 9 to 5 grind and get the whole family into the spirit by selecting a theme. Get into your role and for the day embrace a new side.

Broken Dolly – makeup by A. Marte

Take A Spooky Adventure

Change up your current view and get out of the house for a couple of hours. Enjoy some outdoor events like a drive-thru haunt, a drive-in movie, or visit a farm for some pumpkin picking. Even a short amount of time in a different environment can do wonders for the mind. *Don’t forget your mask!

Create A New Environment Right At Home

Another chance to change up your living space is to turn it into a movie theatre. Setup pillows and blankets on the floor in front of the TV, pick a couple of your favorite Halloween favorites, pop some popcorn, or pick-up your favorite movie theatre treats. Right before movie time close the curtains, turn off all the lights and let the glow of the TV take care of the rest. Have a couple of good story tellers in the family? Before the movie, light some candles and share some creepy tales to help set the mood.

Accepting the new shape of the world is one of the ways we can mentally cope and begin to establish what is our new normal. Instead of dwelling on the traditions being lost, tweak them and make room for new ways to celebrate.

I am thankful for Halloween Movies (Hocus Pocus being the most fun, The Exorcist being the funniest, and I’ll let you know when I come across one I find scary), taking on a new role, and the crisp fall air that always comes on November 1st.

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