Turning The Volume Down When The World Gets Too Loud

To say finding peace in the country’s current state is challenging is an understatement. Between an uncertain election, a pandemic running rampant, and job security concerns everyone is feeling overwhelmed. When too many things are coming at you at one time it can sound incredibly noisy in your mind. Television and social media rarely provide solace these days so we now have to come up with different ways to quiet our thoughts and resume a homeostatic calm.

Stay Active

Nothing gets those happy hormones surging than a sweat session resulting in the release of endorphins. Staying still for too long will ensure all those anxiety ridden thoughts will run amok. Clean your home, work out, have a dance party, or take a walk and explore a new neighborhood. The more you move the more you can distract your mind giving it a necessary break.


When you are faced with a lot of down time, and lets face it the past 7 months have been filled with down time, it is easy to sit in front of the computer or television. Unplugging completely is a challenge so start off slowly. Disconnect for 15 minutes and read a chapter of a book, journal, meditate, or take a nap. Time away from the screen can do wonders for your mind. There are aspects of the connection between the body and mind that are so hard to recognize with outside interference. When you do plug back in do so mindfully. Schedule a certain amount of time watching the news or perusing online. If you start to feel anxious change the channel or step away.

Let It Out

When you unplug the thoughts you are taking a break from may resurface. Do not ignore them or push them back. Feel all the feels and give yourself a chance to accept and release. Reach out to a family member or friend to discuss what you are thinking. A listening ear and even the chance to engage in a health debate will help to workout and accept what you are feeling. If you are more likely to internalize your feelings get out a paper and pen and write it down. This method gives you the opportunity let go while keeping your thoughts close to the cuff. You are more likely to ease the tension after freestyle writing and reading back to yourself (should you choose).

Take On Something New

Keep your mind occupied with a new hobby, skill, or helping others. A purpose that serves more than just you is one of the best forms of therapy. Find something that sparks passion and creativity. Research the needs not being met in your community. There are plenty of small ways to get involved taking you out of a bubble of chaos.

A quiet place does not have to mean solitude but is what we all can use a bit more of these days. Find what quiet works for you and the world’s problems (even for a short time) will not feel like they are on your shoulders.

I am thankful for the people in my life, for things that I can control, and for the understanding what I cannot control does not have to have a negative affect. What are you grateful for?

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