Be The Designer Of Your Life

The change in season and the holidays really brings out my inner interior designer. I begin envisioning changes to be made in every room of the house to freshen up and promote the holiday season. This time of year also motivates many to make lifestyle changes. The excitement felt when picking out new bedding, decorative pillows, and holiday decor is not quite the same as establishing a new habit or tweaking old ones. But it should be!

Mapping out the next 6 months of your life can be as satisfying as coordinating paint and fabric swatches. Design involves planning and the openness to try something new.

Create Visuals For Your Vision

People are said to spend 16% of their time day dreaming each day. Instead of only imagining what you want for your life take the time to put it down on paper. Journal each day and include all that you plan to accomplish throughout the day, week, and month. Another option is to make a vision board. This one is a new option for me, which I have decided to use my Pinterest account to create. Some categories that will be included are pins about starting a business, establishing financial freedom, mental & physical health, home decor, wardrobe ideas, and much more.

Be Completely Unapologetic

When you decide to think out the box with the living room accent wall, do you apologize to your guests for the bold choice? No! They either like it or they look the other way. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your life. The only person you have to ensure you are taking care of is “you”. Everyone else in your life will be good because you will be good. There have been so many opportunities I have shied away from thinking that the risk was too great for my family to bear. The truth is who knows where my family and I would be right now had I taken those scary steps. Work on letting go of the mind set that others come before you, and practice limiting the number of times you think and say “I’m sorry” for focusing on “you”.

Study Color

Whether you prefer the clean look of white and black, the calm of light blue, or the cheeriness of a bright yellow make selections that fit your vibe. Since vibes frequently change learn more about how colors affect you. Pull up a color wheel and research which ones are commonly linked to which emotions. Dress for the way you want to feel. If your day calls for a powerhouse navy blue or a confident red make sure your closet is ready!

Christmas Decor Sneak Peek

Adjusting your lifestyle is challenging because let’s face it change is not easy. Find the fun in a difficult task and you will take the work out of it.

I am grateful for the kid inside who especially comes out for the holiday season, finding new recipes, working along side family, and time to do what I love.

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